Heat not burn sticks factory, supplier, manufacturer and wholesale

HNB is an abbreviation for Heat Not Burn, generally referring to Htps (heated tobacco products) or Thps (tobacco heated products) of novel tobacco products. HNB products which come in various flavors for users’ enjoyment serve the function of harm reduction and smoking quitting. There is a high threshold in the tobacco products industry. Requirements for the … Read more

LEVIA: A New Stick Brand for IQOS ILUMA

Levia, a new stick brand compatible with IQOS ILUMA series, is going to be rolled out. Next to Terea and Sentia, Levia is PMI’s third stick brand to expand the portfolio of the IQOS ILUMA series. But different from TEREA, SENTIA, Marlboro and Heets, it is tobacco-free. How is LEVIA different from Terea, Sentia, Marlboro and … Read more

Sentia Vs. Terea: The Only Guide You Need.

Terea and Sentia are two sticks designed for exclusive use with IQOS ILUMA devices. Though both of them feature smart induction core system, they are different in some aspects.  Sentia and Terea have different degree of throat-hit feeling. Generally speaking, Sentia’s taste is more mellow than that of Terea while the throat-hit feeling of Terea … Read more

FAQs About SENTIA for IQOS ILUMA devices

Sentia is a stick brand launched in Japan after Terea. It is compatible with IQOS ILUMA devices with its smart conduction core. Just like Heets, Sentia is mainly for the global market. And here are some FAQs about Sentia. Q1: How many available flavors of SENTIA? Q2: Is Sentia similar to Terea? Q3: Does Sentia … Read more

20 Flavors of TEREA for IQOS ILUMA Devices

Perhaps you’re an IQOS hobbyist switching to IQOS ILUMA from the previous models like IQOS 3 Duo or a newer first trying to use it. Anyway, you should really want to know Terea which is exclusively designed for use with Iqos Iluma devices and pick out your favorite flavor. Four types of Terea’s flavors – … Read more


There are so many people all over the world who are now opting for tobacco heating devices. We are now moving towards a more conscious lifestyle while enjoying our love for smoking tobacco in a healthier, more elegant manner. One of the popular devices out there is from the brand Ploom. Let’s dive into this … Read more

The Latest Introduction to Ccobato’s Products

This is the newest introduction to Ccobato’s products. It will give you plenty of tips to read this article and https://www.ccobato.com/products/. Now come and check! Some important points you should know before reading on In order to learn Ccobato very quickly, here are some crucial things we suppose you should know first: Product features: The … Read more

Differences Between Cigarette Tar and Nicotine

We know that cigarettes are harmful to health. Cigarettes release a large number of harmful chemicals after combustion. And those toxic chemicals are the main sources of smokers’ medical conditions. Among them, carbon monoxide, cigarette tar and nicotine are most familiar to us.    As for carbon monoxide, we learn that it is a poisonous … Read more

The Origin of the Name Ccobato

Ccobato is the reverse of Tobacco. When described as a syllable, it is pronounced backwards to-ba-cco, i.e. cco-ba-to. Ccbato, ccabato, coobato, ccobata, ccofato, ccobaco, cocobato, ccobata, cobato, ccbato, cobacco, cobatto, ccobata are some common misspellings of the names. Several years ago, inspired by Heated Tobacco Products, an internationally renowned tobacco company for harm reduction, and … Read more